TNP149 Spiritual Hygiene for the Holidays with Carmen Spagnola

56 minutes

This special episode includes a 30 minute trancework exercise. I stack 4 different spiritual hygiene exercises, one after the other, to connect with earth, water, air and fire.

This episode is a complement to my Yuletide Stocking Stuffer program.

Inspiration for some of the techniques in this exercise come from: • Diane Poole Heller (Competent Protector terminology and trauma-informed pedagogy) • Philip Shepherd's Radical Wholeness work • Laura Day, intuitive coach • Dara Silverman and Amanda Ream, Somatics For White Racial Justice Organizers • The Strozzi Institute • generative somatics

And of course my nearly decade-long experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Hope you enjoy it and find something in there of use to you!

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