TNP167 Lessons Learned from Ira Glass, Roxane Gay and the Making of The Spirited Kitchen

54 minutes

The Spirited Kitchen: Recipes and Rituals of the Wheel of the Year is now available for pre-order! (Check it out here.) In this episode, I'm sharing how and why I wrote this cookbook – the stories, friends, mentors, and supports that helped me navigate the fear, creative blocks, and emotional paralysis that came up in the process. 

Resources In This Episode

Sarah Selecky

Nerys Patterson's Cattle Lords and Clansmen

Michael Newton,

F.Marian McNeill, The Silver Bough and The Scots Kitchen

Silvia Federici, Caliban and the Witch

Quaker Committee of Care 

Sophie Macklin's courses: Ungovernable Bodies and Beyond the Blood

Lauren Bacon: Curious For A Living

Cyndi Brannen, PhD.

Ira Glass quote about having killer taste that exceeds your skill level

Roxane Gay's writing Masterclass


Check out the pre-order bonuses! If you place a bulk order, or have a group of Spirited Kitchen fans who'd like me to visit your bookclub, please reach out to:

Come hang out with us in The Numinous Network where I'll be doing cooking demos in Carmen's Cookbook Club and holding online Wheel of the Year rituals for each solstice, equinox and halfway point in between. 

The book hits stores on October 18, 2022. Pre-order today and save $10 per copy!



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