TNP25: Findhorn + Facilitating Inner Knowing with Kate Sutherland

30 minutes

Have you, like me, dreamed of quitting everything and going to live indefinitely at Findhorn in Scotland? I'd say I give it serious consideration every five years or so, and a passing thought every other day. It's definitely going to happen one day. Until then, I have Kate.

Kate Sutherland is Faculty with THNK, The School of Creative Leadership, and a social entrepreneur, author, speaker and coach. As Kate sees it, each of us has an inner guidance system, available 24/7 and stunningly accurate. (I agree!)

But most of us barely begin to tap the potential benefits, in part because we don't know how, and in part because society emphasizes outer authority rather than the subtle signals of our inner knowing.

Kate's two books, Make Light Work and Make Light Work In Groupsare a wonderful resource for accessing that inner knowing and drawing it out in others.

Kate will be leading her workshop, Barefoot Facilitation, at Findhorn in August 2014.

Learn more about The Transformation Game here.

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