TNP69- Tiffany Jospeh on Language Land and Everything Important

97 minutes

In this moving and memorable episode, I'm talking with Tiffany Joseph about indigenous language revitalization, sense of place, and navigating settler-indigenous relations with an aim towards Reconciliation. Tiffany is a language scholar and also an astrologer, multi-media artist and blogger.

Full disclosure: I cried fragile white lady tears through pretty much the whole thing.

I can't quite describe how acutely I felt Tiffany's words, how true they felt in my body, how deeply they pierced through my insides.

Give yourself some time to listen carefully to this beautiful offering from Tiffany.

You can read the follow up to this interview on Tiffany's blog:

Follow her astrology work on Facebook.

If you appreciated Tiffany's insights in the episode, you can support her directly through PayPal: PayPal.Me/TiffanyJoseph


Click here to learn more about Where Are Your Keys? It's not overstatement to say that their method is truly revolutionary and actively helping to save languages from extinction. Check them out, support them and spread the word.

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