TNP79 Layla Saad on Perspectives of a Black Muslim Woman on the Priestess Path

41 minutes

I'm so pleased to welcome Layla to the show, all the way from Qatar!

Layla is a Black Muslim woman who has lived both in the West and the Middle East and has an interesting perspective on blending Islam and Catholicism, cultural appropriation in spiritual practices, and what it's like to live in a truly diverse and multicultural society.

Layla also shares what it was like when one of her blog posts critiquing the "6-figure" business coaching mill went viral and how that prompted a spiritual awakening.

We also explore the collapse of old forms that came with Layla's self-initiation as well as the healing power of Reiki and her work to heal the Mother Wound.

Layla is not one to walk a single path or "stick to lineages" and she explains how she is synthesizing influences to create her personal spirituality. 

We also jam about the overwhelming whiteness of most of the connotations that leap to mind with the word "priestess".

Layla also confesses that she used to be afraid of big emotions like rage and even of the Wild Woman archetype. Update: she's over it.

You can learn more about Layla's offerings at


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