TNP91 Emelia Is Trying To Be Good

64 minutes

Buckle up for a wild conversation that explores the highs and lows of spiritual self-help, addiction, parenting, trauma, relationships, bereavement and motherhood. Emelia Symington Fedy is an artist and storyteller. Her new audio memoir is called Trying To Be Good: The Healing Powers Of Lying, Cheating, Stealing And Doing Drugs.

Emilia is a new friend of mine, a friend of a friend, and a kindred spirit in many ways. So it felt good and safe for us to "go there" in this interview.

Content warning: we go into topics like teenage sexuality, sexual assault and rape, death and dying, all of it.

It's intense at times.

It's also funny and tender. It's very real.

Do you ever feel alone in your trauma, or your shame, or your dark thoughts? We're right here with you. We had this conversation with you in mind.

Here's where you can purchase the audio memoir, read Emelia's articles, and hire her creative genius.

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