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The Numinous Podcast with Carmen Spagnola is a show about intuition and spirituality in everyday life. Episodes feature smart, soulful conversation with interesting, articulate people.

What fans say about the podcast

Struck treasure!

Thrilled to have found you! Just listened to Alexandra Stein's episode (brilliant!) and have been following the rabbit hole into your world. Love your work.

Lauren Wallett


"The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand" was one of the most powerful and eye opening podcast episodes I've yet listen to. Thank you!



I've listened to a loot of podcasts and never felt compelled to leave a review. Something about this podcast sparks something in your soul. Educational and inspiring, and really allows you to look inwards towards your own inner truth. Great job!


Highly recommended.

Hands down the most interesting podcast for spiritual explorers.

Frith B

Thank you!

Yesterday I listened to three of your podcasts while I made drums. The sound was perfect and it made my afternoon even more fulfilling than if I had been working in silence.

Nikiah S.

I've learned so much from this podcast.

There a quiet force and a loud authenticity to every episode. If my awareness was a prism, this podcast was the light that shone through (and into) so many colourful insights. And my favourite part – she's not afraid to address the difficult issues.


I have listened to every episode.

There is a relaxed quality within nicely structured conversation that struck me from the beginning. I feel less alone listening to the topics and folks Carmen brings forward. I learn about things I didn't even know existed, or more deeply about things I'm already exploring.

Christi J

Timely, interesting, reassuring, thoughtful, layered.

Her experience with attachment types, somatic work, trauma, hypnotherapy, intuition, mythology, and ecology inform her interview style, allowing her to ask questions that serve the podcast listener and guest alike. The topics Carmen covers are like a tall glass of water I didn't know I needed. Her podcasts make me feel validated, heard and attended to...Carmen leads the way in pertinent social movements with her territorial acknowledgements, interviews with marginalized groups, and discussions on privilege, leading to my fragility, my power, and my power to grow simultaneously.


Imbued with Spirit

The guests and Carmen always meet me at my deepest levels and help show me how to remember myself and find my way. The Numinous Podcast is a precious gift.


About the Hosts

Carmen Spagnola

Carmen Spagnola


Carmen Spagnola is a Somatic Trauma Recovery Practitioner (Dynamic Attachment Re-Patterning), Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Wilderness Guide, and creator of The Numinous School, an online intuition development and spiritual support program. Her show, The Numinous Podcast, has been #1 in three categories in iTunes including "Society & Culture""Personal Journals" and "Religion & Spirituality".

Ruben Anderson

Ruben Anderson

Rubenation Contributor

Ruben Anderson is a Behaviour Change consultant and sustainable systems analyst with a background in zero waste and Industrial Design, and is married to Carmen Spagnola. Occasionally Ruben makes an appearance in the latter half of an episode to ruminate with Carmen about the show topic and offer thoughts that might help the listener process and integrate the material. He also has a soothing, silky smooth voice that gives good radio.

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