TNP165 Embracing Sovereignty at Midlife with Nikiah Seeds

65 minutes

Welcome back to the podcast, Nikiah Seeds! Nikiah has been a ceremonialist and teacher of ritual, myth, and ancestral veneration for a couple decades now since her early years as a doula. She’s founder of the Red Moon Mystery School and co-author of the book Moon Mysteries about connecting with your menstrual cycle, and she’s been leading sacred drum-making retreats for years and years.


Nikiah was last here in 2017 when we talked about sacred beekeeping. But we’ve actually known each other since about 2007. We've witnessed each other grow and our careers evolve over the years so it’s fun to be able to have a visit and talk about the thresholds we stand upon now as women at midlife. Originally we were going to talk about ageing and elderhood and Embracing the Crone and how that archetype speaks to us, but actually…it turns out there’s still a lot to figure out about this in-between phase of becoming the cunning woman who stands between maidenhood and cronehood. 


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